Strawberry Sangria Preset


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Give the reds in your photo what it deserves and let them be the star of the show! This preset will help the reds stand out and pop to instantly make your photos fire! 


Lightroom presets will look different on every image depending on the time of day, lighting, setting, colors, and subjects. Please consider using our helpful tips on which colors and settings will work the best for the image you are deciding to apply the preset to. Most than likely, you’ll need to make adjustments to each preset to achieve the desired effect/look.

We usually adjust the color settings, tones, and contrast for this preset depending on the circumstances listed above.

Our photos are shot with an iPhone, a Mirrorless Camera and/or digital camera.

This Mobile Presets works perfectly with the Lightroom app and are compatible JPEG photos. Due to the digital nature of this product, we are unable to issue refunds!