Providence Canyon State Park

8930 Canyon Rd,
Lumpkin, GA 31815

Considered one of Georgia's 7 wonders, this family friendly trail with different nooks and cranny's to explore that makes this hike worthy of a trip!


Providence Canyon State Park Map - Click here to Download

Providence Canyon State Park Map - Click here to Download

Providence Canyon has two options for Trails a 7-Mile Trail that is great for Backpackers and people that want to stay overnight and another trail that is about 3-miles, which is perfect for a half-day trip that's easy to do with the entire family.  We went on a pretty hot day but luckily the main route is through the forest so the trees kept us nice and cool! (for the most part).

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From the top, there are some Lookout sites with Incredible views of the treetops in the canyon, and down below on the floor, you're able to get into some of the little caves in the Canyons themselves.

There's a small gift shop near the parking area for you to grab some refreshing beverages and pick up a free map to navigate your way!

The interesting part of the 3-mile trail is that you'll encounter abandon old cars that would have caused too much harm to the environment to remove.

They're also picnic tables available for anyone that is looking to spend time at the park for lunch or dinner.


Trip Tip #1

Bring your own food as there isn't any place close by to get anything to eat. We traveled about an hour north to Columbus, Georgia for some breakfast. 

Trip Tip #2

Bring plenty of water. It’s out of here especially in the humidity of the south! We carried a lot of water bottles but a camel back would be more environmentally friendly and very useful.

Trip Tip #3

Don’t get confused when the middle of the trail ends nears a parking lot. If you continue following the path passed the playground and picnic stations, you’ll find yourself back into the woods.

Trip Tip #4

Feel free to take along your camera gear but leave the drone at home. Unfortunately, they banned drones a few weeks before we stopped by there so keep this in mind before you pack your drone! Also, bring a light tripod to get some great shots, but be aware that some of the trails are pretty sandy and wet. 

Trip Tip #5

Bring along the whole family. the walking trail is perfect for most ages as it’s pretty light with a few steep hills. The park has laid down some materials on the hills to make sure you get a good grip on your shoes. It’s a great workout and also very dog-friendly, so you can bring your fur-babies. 


We hope you enjoyed these tips and can make it out to “Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon”!

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