Trip Tip #1: Expect crowds 

If you are looking for that perfect photo op, keep in mind, you may need to wait your turn near a good bundle of fully grown sunflowers. Sunflowers are so adorable for family and couple photos or in our case, best friend pics! During this visit, we were lucky to find a photographer that was willing to travel, which saved us a lot more time then how we normally take our group photos. [check out, @aspencierraphoto on Instagram] 

Trip Tip #2: Beware of Bees!

They're everywhere, and no, this isn't an exaggeration! 


Trip Tip #3: Bring Scissors or Garden Cutters

Don't be unprepared like us, these stalks are tough! 

Trip Tip #4: Don't wait! Sunflower seasons is a quick 2 weeks

Or in our case, a week and a half before signs of wilting. Luckily, we stayed updated on Facebook and once we heard about blooming, we decided to go in the middle of the week to ensure that the sunflowers were at their fullest. This is such a beautiful place to visit in mid-July, we are so happy to share these beautiful photos and the experience on our channel! 

Check out our vlog of our time here! 

We visited The Anderson's Sunflowers Field.
Check out their Facebook here: The Anderson's Sunflowers Facebook Page

Thanks for visiting!