"Vacation done but I'm not finished" - Drake

There's nothing like planning a spontaneous trip with your girlfriend,  and while sometimes it's cool to leave it up to the wind other times it's a little bit better going in with a plan so we don't miss out on anything.  Today, we're going to talk about how we come up with the most badass vacation itinerary.   if you've seen our past vlogs (videos on our YouTube Channel), you'll know that itineraries and planning are essential to our trip because we want to make sure we hit every spot possible.  Here is how we come up with ideas to ensure we get the best out of each destination:


As much as we love exploring brand new places, we love to revisit our favorite cities such as Miami and San Francisco. Before our recent trip, i [Kristina] have never been to Miami before yet Nicholle has been plenty of times. It's basically her second home away from home. Which means that Nicholle knows all the cool spots like Wynwood walls,  the best restaurants such as Barton G., and the most fun place for a night on the town like the Basement in the Edition Hotel.  We even stayed at the hotel that she's super familiar with, the Shore Club right on the beach!


Before going out to a brand new city it's always fun to strike up a conversation with friends, acquaintances, maybe even the bartender at the bar you went to on a whim.  The best advice can come from others.


 Social media is an amazing and powerful tool for marketing and when it comes to finding the best local places to go.  Leave it up to the map feature on either Instagram or SnapChat to see where the best spots to hang out are. There are some places and restaurants that are completely Instagram worthy and even Pinterest can help you to find unique places like the bookstore in Los Angeles or the pink wall at the Paul Smith Salon. Alot of these social platforms are practically social search engines so we love to utilize them  because of the stunning visual of professional photographers and even the interesting angles of your everyday user. The new SnapChat Feature shows you a map of all the "happenin" spots in real time! 

Found on Google.com

Found on Google.com

Location: Paul Smith

Location: Paul Smith


TripAdvisor.com, the Thrillest.com, Yelp.com and bloggers are a great way to find out the best things to do in a particular city because they give you a lot more thorough detail than an Instagram photo/ caption can do. The authors of most of these websites give their honest reviews, positives and negatives and even talk about the non-touristy neighborhoods to check out. A lot of these writers are also actual (not sponsored) customers, so relying on their feedback may be more certain. (That, of course, is up for you to decide).  Lastly, it's the best way to see if any of these activities and areas fits into what you're going on vacation for.


 There are always brand new places to explore that could pop up down the street from your hotel. Or maybe you'll get lucky like us and want to spend an afternoon at this cool unexpected art piece apart of the Seven Magic Mountains by Ugo Rondinone. Like I mentioned above, sometimes being spontaneous is just the best thing!



Here are some examples of the itinerary that we created in the past before a vacation!


We hope this helps you when you comes to planning your own trip if it did definitely share this article and we want to thank you so much for reading! Happy Exploring!