Summer days are finally upon us so the best way to kick it off is to grab a bunch of your best girlfriends and through a fantastic pool party to remember.

Check out this list to find out how to throw the ultimate pool party ‘Tripping with My BFF’ style!



Every pool party needs to be fabulously decorated.  Even if you're at a community and neighborhood pool you can find easy ways to dress up the scenery without being overbearing and causing a lot of distractions to other guests at the pool. Just find yourself a corner for you and your friends to hang at,  preferably with a table, and that’s all you’ll need!

Luckily for us, we were able to be near a wall so we put up cute signs.


We cannot even begin to count the number of floaties that are staying inside of Nicholle's apartment right now.  There's so many of all shapes and sizes and different price ranges.

Here's a little list of our favorites so you can up your float game!



A fun-in-the-sun playlist is absolutely necessary especially when setting the right mood and vibes to keep the party going!

Of course, bring a powerful speaker but be mindful of neighbors

Here's a list of our favorite playlists you can listen to now on Spotify:

  • Today's Top Hits [mainstream top 40's]
  • dancePOP [pop/electronic dance]
  • POPchillout [chill/melodic]
  • RapCaviar [rap/hiphop]



Alcohol is optional for some, but a preferance for us! lol!

Check out this video on our YouTube channel on how we created this yummy Rosé cocktail created with Vueve Cliquot Rose.


For our 'pool party' snack, we decided on fruit salad, but not just any fruit salad, a watermelon pizza salad! Check out our YouTube video on how we constructed this masterpiece! 

Now, these are just the essentials to have a chill pool party, but most importantly, surrounding yourself with your greatest friends!


xoxo Tripping with my BFF