This was actually our first experience ever doing airbnb. And to make it even more funny (funny now), Kristina booked a room, not a place. Which means that the hosts were actually living and staying in the residence while we were visiting. Fortunately for us they were also creative and cool people. We lived right in the heart of West Hollywood and we couldn't have been in a better area. 





The first restaurant that we decided to stumble into Hudson's, a neighborhood restaurant that offers American Cuisine. For a restaurant that is on the edge of high-end and sports bar, we were very impressed by the food menu especially the vegetarian options.  you also cannot beat the location it's in the middle of everything West Hollywood. This place is definitely one of those really cool, trendy hangout spots with delicious Happy or “Huddy Hour” (as they call it) options.  

Lucky for us we actually made a daring this hoodie hour which is between 4 to 7 p.m. And  for cocktails, we decided get try out any bar to-gos, which is a good fresh spicy margarita!

For food, Kristina got the seared Tuna small plate, that comes with a delicious jalapeno pesto (gotta have it spicy) and finished it off with the Hudson brown rice plate with Tofu. Most definitely one of the best vegetarian dishes.

Nicholle went straight to dinner with the same Hudson brown rice plate.  this meal came Brussel sprouts kale and asparagus,  grilled really nicely  and also upgraded her dish with the salmon.

This place seemed to be crowded with locals,  and it was a great first spot to start off the trip!

The Pink Taco

Quite honestly this is probably one of the most fun decorated restaurants in terms of bright and western. With its epically large pink building this location is hard to miss right on Sunset Blvd. We've never experienced anything like it maybe because we are  East Coast girls and we couldn't stop talking how we are pretty much obsessed with the planetary. This place is definitely a unique with an uncomplicated menu. Nicholle went with a fresh vegan bowl and Kristina went with the Portobello mushroom tacos which were simple yet filling.

This place is definitely a delight and we will always remember our experience. Both of us will definitely be coming back for more delicious food and drinks. 


Pink Taco

Pink Taco


Coast at Shutters on the Beach

Almost a Hidden Gem because it's inside of the Shutter’s on the Beach luxury hotel. Coast is the perfect Lunch Spot especially if you want a waterfront View.  

Lucky for us we were able to get a window seat and although it's not completely on the water, we were still able to get a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Pier.

Again we saw that  Southern California really does have a pattern of having simple and Fresh Foods,  end Coast was no different.


Kristina had the Thai chicken Salad that is made up as a mixed of shredded cabbage and shredded chicken with cilantro and

Nicholle's kale salad probably only had five ingredients at mosts yet she said that she really did enjoy it.

What made this experience was the California beach vibes. This restaurant is more of a family-friendly atmosphere.


NoBu Malibu

Last but not least I have to mention Nobu Malibu.  right in the middle of rush hour and Los Angeles we were very determined to go from Beverly Hills all the way to Malibu to have this luxury Kardashian-esque (sorry, just had to mention them)  experience.  Christina was doubly a little bit turned off by the  customer service  service as she received over the phone with about getting a reservation,  the hostess  wasn't very helpful as far as setting one up But we can't really blame her because we did try to get a reservation the night of. And because we don't like to give up we already decided anyway that we were just going to go and see what happens.  no matter the price of the Uber.  no matter how long you're going to be sitting in the car and traffic.  we just had to make it to Nobu Malibu,  and yes,  it was all worth it.

to make sure that we got the fullest experience,  we decided to wait about 45 minutes to an hour 4 outside seating.  when we got there at 7ish we probably didn't get a table till about 8.  once we sat down it was already night time.  and although we weren't able to see the waters we could still hear the beautiful crashes behind us.  to celebrate a beautiful trip we should a bottle of wine which turned into about 10 glasses,  mainly because of the service that we receive that night.  our waiter  truly made us feel so comfortable,  was so friendly and easy to have a conversation with yet professional and really new his stuff when it came to wine selection and sushi.  I was amazed by the way he was able to describe the food you can really tell that he took his job seriously but had fun with his guests.  with that said we decided to soak it up for the next 2 hours by ordering the Multi- course tasting menu.  we told the waiter our preferences (we love salmon)  and who really made it happen for us to make sure that we got not only what we wanted but you're also able to try out different offerings.  Nicholle has never had octopus, And I'm not quite sure if he's ever going to have it again especially not  a the chef prepared it. Everything was spot on and delicious. The atmosphere is minimalistic and japanese contemporary giving off a peaceful yet sexy vibe. We're so happy that we made the decision to come out to this place there was no regrets at all.  from the excellent service down to the soft blankets a gave us while we enjoyed the last  30 minutes of hour  before heading back to Santa Monica,  Nobu Malibu is an absolute treat.




Hike to the Hollywood Sign
Of all the attractions  and famous landmarks,  the hike to the Hollywood Sign was the number one to do when visiting Los Angeles.  they're many hiking trails and the city itself but we decided to choose the Beechwood gate to try and attempt to go behind the Hollywood sign.  if you check out our vlog,  you'll know that we actually did make it behind the sign but just getting so close to it and having those beautiful blue cloudless guys above you makes you almost lose a sense of reality  because your bucket list or dream goal has been checked off so there's no other feeling but pure happiness.  the biggest suggestion when coming to the specific role is to have your driver bring you all the way on top of the hill once you see the rust colored Gates that's going to be your entrance.  also I need to mention that bringing water and a backpack because this height is not for the athletically challenged,  as actually pretty steep so make sure good shoes are packed in your suitcase.

LACMA Urban Lights

I wasn't able to see the urban lights at the LAMCA Museum but it does look very beautiful. Nicholle did a photoshoot there and I do have a bit of envy that she was able to see such a unique piece of interactive art. I hope the next time that we were able to visit Los Angeles will actually be able to visit the exhibit.

Walk of Fame
All there we were there for merely 20 minutes,  we are on the mission to find the brightest star of all Britney Spears. for the day and time that we win it was pretty  crowded with tourists  even though we went on a weekday,  I couldn't imagine what it's like that on a Saturday.  Street itself is very lightly with street performers and vendors.  although if I were to live in a city is probably would be one of those areas I would avoid only because the foot traffic is so heavy.  before anyone that's visiting la for the first time searching for your favorite famous celebrities star is a fun scavenger hunt.

Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is the definition of Family friendly fun.  there's so many great  fast food restaurant options,  and the rides are actually a very decent price point although we weren't able to make our right even though we absolutely wanted to.  what makes the Pacific Park so unique is all of the right colors.  I've been on Piers in Florida but I've never seen one with an amusement park. This place is perfect for a date night I would love to play and spend more time here in the future.


Rodeo Drive

If you never seen posh  end luxury shopping this voice will definitely give you every sense of Lavishness. The architecture of most of these storefront is absolutely dropping,  one of my personal favorites is the  gold Great Gatsby-esque Gucci Store. The  what's an asthma Torres that I was expecting to be on Rodeo but there's also not that many restaurant options as may be 4 or so that I actually thought it all the honest it wasn't really looking.  unless you are looking to spend some serious cash,  a quick walk through is well worth  it,  if you actually have the time.


So yeah we actually said all these things and about two days while we were visiting La we did save her for days but we decided to pack all of her Taurus and guide itinerary in between traveling days.  if you haven't checked out of log on YouTube please check it out for a Personal Diary of our travels.  we hope that you guys had a great time watching and or reading these posts because there's so much more that we want to do as far as traveling and sharing them with you all.  we feel so incredibly blessed to not only go to such an amazing City but you have the opportunity to share it with others so again thank you for taking the time to check out this page.  if you have any other suggestions on our next adventure, feel free to write them in the comments below if you haven't yet please subscribe to our newsletter we will be updating those pretty soon.


We love you!

- Kristina and Nicholle