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Tripping With My Bff is a Best Friend Travel Blog created by inseparable Atlanta-based besties Nikki and Kristina. From West Coast to East Coast these two look for the cutest spots in every city to make your trip planning a heck of a lot easier. One look at their Instagram and they’ll have you booking your next adventure ASAP!

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Originally from: New York

Nikki always loved being in the water, she used to pretend she was a mermaid as a kid. As soon as she got her drivers license, she drove 16 hours from New York to Myrtle Beach the very next day! She’s always dreamed of seeing the world and is always in for a spontaneous trip!

Her favorite trip was to Puerto Rico, where she went snorkeling with tropical fish, kayaking in the bioluminescence bay, paddleboarding in the ocean, and jumped off a cliff in the tropical rainforest. She loves an outdoors adventure!

Her dream destination is: Maldives




Originally from: Michigan

Growing up in Atlanta, Kristina has always loved the city life. When new attractions or restaurants pop up she’s always willing to try a new cuisine or cocktail!

Her favorite city is San Francisco because of the walkability. You can literally get to the heart of Union Square, a popular business district, and to the Pacific Ocean all on foot. She loves the Golden City!

Her dream destination: Paris, France

Together We

Together we,